mandag, oktober 31, 2005

COPYRIGHT STUFF(info blahblah)

This site is a work of fiction/art/some kind (though the quality is open for debate) and all texts (with the excception of material obviously informational etc) is completely fictional, all names and...blahblahblah, its all made up. Everything is copyrighted from head to toe. We are looking at you right now..All text/images posted on this site is either (C)2005,2006 etc johanharstad/lacktr prpgnda, or (C) someone else from whom we stole the pictures and texts and put them up on this site, though we were told not to by a informational warning similar to the one you are reading now. All copying, reproducing, whathavewenot and else is strictly forbidden without written permission from Lacktr prpgnda hq, but more importantly, namedropping this site or creating links to it is really frowned upon. Keep your mouth shut and smile. Apart from that, have fun. Or leave immideately. It´s your choice. Don´t let us stand in your way. We are not after your money. We are not after your appreciation. We are after you. You are a nice person. We wish we couldspend more time with you. We really, really care. Honest.
(det hele virker mye mer alvorlig og fryktinngytende på engelsk. sånn er det. tenk om magnum p.i. haddde snakket vossamål. det hadde ikke vært kjekt. ikke i lengden. hvordan skulle han ha oppnådd respekt? hvordan??)