mandag, oktober 22, 2007

LACKTR Questionnaire


1. Have you ever been to sweden?

___ YES
___ no

2. were you afraid?

___ yes
___ yes

3. are you running towards something or away from something?

___ i’m just running
___ i want this to stop

4. if we told you we really, really like you, would you believe us?

___ no

5. where were you on april 23th, 1977?

___ sweden
___ sweden
___ other (please specify)______________________________

6. do you think things will get better before they get worse?

___ yes
___ no
___ i wish someone would come for me now

7. do you believe that there are alligators in new york’s sewers?

___ I hope so
___ i’m afraid there are. i’m not going.

8. if the world should end in 34 seconds, and i could only bring one thing,
i would definetly

___ bring my spouse
___ bring my computer
___ bring my lunch
___ leave it all behind and fuck off to wherever i’m going

9. complete this sentence: there could be intelligent life in

___ the remote places of the universe we won’t reach before it’s all over
___ my neighbourhood
___ my apartement
___ the company where i work

10. i’m really, really sorry

___ for what i did
___ for all the things i didn’t do, all the opportunities i passed on
___ for everything
___ for not telling you how i felt when i had the chance
___ phew! me not regret no nothing! i’m happy as a lark and everything is fine now

11. what now?

___ wenn ich nicht hier bin, bin ich auf´m sonnendeck

thank you for your time. please take another minute to put the printed sheets in a waterproof bag, mail it to a corporation of gigantic size, which will more than likely lose it in the ever growing pile of paper and useless information. your answers are valuable to us. thankyouthankyouthankyou. we really, really care. courtesy of the lacktr prpgnda community.