mandag, februar 11, 2013

LACKTR speaks in your tongue

As a token of our generosity and as a service to our friends and collaborators in different parts of the world, not to mention as a reply to the "Oh ..." which we sometimes get when mentioning that this site is in Norwegian only, LACKTR has now added the miraculous Translate button (on the right sidebar). This will give you the opportunity to read the contents of these posts in a language of your own choosing (sort of, anyway) and be equally disappointed as everyone else.

Please bear in mind that we do not take responsibility for Google Translate's sporadic signs of underachievement which tends to result in a trip through the quagmire of Gibberish. However, we will take care of your dirty laundry.

Til dere andre foreslår vi at dere slår over på Esperanto. Eller benytter anledningen til å bli durkdrevne i jiddisk.