onsdag, november 04, 2015

Men, mer.

(For our non-English speaking readers: In addition to the ordinary hardcover edition, the novel Max, Mischa & The Tet Offensive will be released in a hard box version, consisting of the novel itself (hardcover, 1,086 pages); a hardcover art catalog (204 pages); a fold-out poster gallery (285 cm) and double-sided posters (2 pieces). All stuff done by lacktr. Only 200 copies will be produced. Not because we want to be difficult and elitistic, but hey, these things cost A LOT to make. Each box will be individually numbered because … it seems like a natural thing to do.

The box may be ordered via Gyldendal’s website and through various bookstores, eg. Tronsmo in Oslo.

This will set you back 699,- nok.

Eksemplar nr. 1, før åpning på Gyldendal.